Abib stands for the ‘the first month’. The brand's goal is to help your skin cycle back to its prime, natural complexion. Abib focuses on developing products to help skin to recover from environmental stresses using minimalistic packaging

It takes its name after the first month of the ancient Hebrew calendar which is also referred to as “young grain”, which encompasses the brands beliefs in rejuvenating skin back to its original immaculate state with hypoallergenic ingredients.

Some of the best sellers of Abib are Quick Sunstick Protection Bar, Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask, Gummy Sheet Mask, Hydration Gel, and Hydration Cushion Compact.

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Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask - Yuja fit Abib

Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask - Yuja fit Abib

Description How to Ingredients This mask sheet contains Yuja peel extract and Yuja essential oil for intensive care. It solves skin fatigue while hydrating, revitalizing and nourishing your skin. The essence...