Is your skincare making you red?

Is your skincare making you red?

Flash news: your skincare could be the reason your skin is looking flushed

The majority of people know the struggle – it doesn’t matter what products you use or how you use them, your skin just remains red. And we don’t mean slightly flushed cheeks that could pass off as cute, we’re talking “has this girl just completed a marathon?” type of red – not a good look. Obviously, there’s more to life than looking completely perfect, but the red skin is also a sign of something more serious. It can be caused by extra blood rushing to the surface of your skin to fight off irritants, which raises the question of whether or not your skincare is making your skin red.

Here, I weigh in on some of the reasons why it might be time to switch your skincare to reduce that redness.

You have sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, there could be a few factors that are triggering redness in your skin. When you have sensitive skin, the last thing you should be doing is putting products that could irritate your skin further. There are lots of options on the market that are free from fragrances of other quite harsh ingredients.

I will honestly say that I had a “no pain, no gain” approach to skincare, until I realised that, like, that is absolutely not the way I should be treating my skin, especially on my face. When my skin was burning, it was really telling me that it wasn’t happy, it was almost like a warning sign of worst things to come – dry skin, tightness and incredibly sensitive skin. If you can relate to this, it’s not the end of the world, I promise.



I understand all too well, it might be difficult because you just love skin care, but the skincare doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom; there are absolutely ways that you can avoid getting burned by your skincare, and reverse the impact of the harsh products you’ve been using. A couple of my favourites, just to get started with are the Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner and the Klairs Rich Moist soothing serum. Both of these leave my skin feeling plump, soothed and, well, not burning. 


You’re over-exfoliating 

It just isn’t addressed enough – over exfoliating can cause many skin problems…and it’s so easy to do. Skin redness, breakouts, rashes, flaking and puffiness are all symptoms of skin that has been over exfoliated.

Soft exfoliating is something that I can get on board with, but harsh scrubs? No thank you. Whenever I feel like I need to exfoliate, I reach for the Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Scrub Cleansing Foam, with the cocktail of fruit ingredients which gently exfoliate your skin – you definitely won’t have to deal with any redness after using this little gem. This foam cleanser is so clever: it manages to cleanse and exfoliate skin all at once thanks to the crushed grape seeds inside the bottle. For those struggling with excess oils, daily exfoliation goes a long way in removing and preventing blackheads. 

Skincare ingredients to avoid

These ingredients aren’t your friends

Have you ever read the ingredient list on one of your skincare products? A little bit scary isn’t it. Artificial fragrances, SLS, essential oils, mineral oils and dyes shouldn’t be touching your skin, it’s no surprise why so many of us are walking around just as irritated as our skin.

Did you know that products with ingredients like Centella Asiatica, green tea extract, snail slime and Aloe Vera all have soothing properties? All of which will not only reduce any redness you may be experiencing but will prevent redness from popping up again. I love the Blithe Green Tea Splash Mask for when I need a gentle oil control and the Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream for when I need to solve my dry skin issue...gently, of course. The Blithe splash masks people rave about are basically resurfacing solutions. They contain a nice tad of lactic acid (a gentle but ultra effective AHA), often used in upscale skincare, and is the secret to that glowing skin we all aspire to.   



You’re being harsh

I don’t know where this idea that scrubbing and peeling your skin until it’s red and sore was ever seen as good, but it’s all so confusing. I used to be so rough on my poor skin, I don’t know why I was ever surprised that it repaid me with redness and dryness. Peelings can be wonderful, and unleash a glowing layer of skin which you never knew existed...but you don’t have to suffer for it.



I love peels as much as the next person, which is why the Whamisa Organic Seeds Peeling Finger Mitt has become my best friend, very quickly. It’s almost like a big refresh button on my skin. These embossed pads allow you to go fast and slow, focusing on the areas that need that extra peel. The combo of mechanical and chemical exfoliation is spot on - and will make you forget about everything else that came before. Did I mention it smells w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l? My skin feels absolutely baby-bottom like after this treat.

Vegan skincare

Try Vegan

I've adopted the philosophy; “would you eat it?” when it comes to my skincare. With healthy, natural, organic ingredients, your skin will start to flourish and thank you for taking care of it, in the same way your body will on a nutritious diet.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and see the results. Honeysu has a selection of products that are specifically designed to help fight redness. With organic, natural and safe ingredients, you can truly trust these products. Shop the best products to reduce redness here. 


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